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On Monday, June 8th, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that many regions of the province are adequately positioned to begin stage two of re-opening the economy. While he reminds residents to continue to follow social distancing guidelines as per the Ontario Government’s emergency order, many municipalities have been given the green to kick-start the summer. In Brampton, ON for instance, all parks will re-open to the public.

Though since mid-May some parks had already begun to accept pedestrian traffic, benches, shelters, picnic tables and leash-free dog parks remained closed. However as of June 11th, the aforementioned will be accessible. Now you can finally get together with your close friends, bask in the sun and all its vitamin D glory, and puff a big one in the open air. It’s about time!

With the warm weather increasingly taunting us, we are all eager to take advantage of the newly available amenities, but it is important to enter stage two, with precaution. That is why many of the parks amenities will remain closed such as play structures, sports fields, outdoor fitness equipment, outdoor swimming pools, splash pads/wading pools, washrooms, and drinking water systems. We can continue to do our part as well by minimizing social contact in large groups. One such way of doing so it taking your shopping to the online platform. And that now includes cannabis delivery!

Not only can you now order weed delivery from home but ask yourself this, “is there weed delivery near me?” You’ll be happy to know that in Brampton, ON you can order all of your cannabis goods online and have delivered to your door the very same day.

For instance, why not give Cheetah Piss a go? This balanced hybrid offers a high that comes on fast and hard with a wave of euphoria that launches you into a purely happy state. You can order it at Brampton Weed Delivery for same day delivery today!

So, while you’re cautiously taking bigger steps into the sands of summer, now is the perfect time to stock up on weed and let the good vibes fly high!

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